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What’s Behind the BrookTrout Name?

Our brand BrookTrout represents our company’s values. Just like the Brook Trout, we are a rare breed but epically important to the ecosystem. We feel this metaphor speaks to how audiovisual design is sometimes overlooked in the architectural design and build phase and is to the detriment of how a built environment functions.

As a species, Brook Trout can often outlive other breeds. Similarly, we design audiovisual systems that do the same. We deliver long-lasting and cost-effective solutions.

Brook Trout by nature are cold, freshwater fish but some varieties can thrive in saltwater. This analogy represents our ability to reverse engineer environments that were built with absent, aging, or poor AV designs for today’s needs.

We want your structure and business to thrive regardless of environmental challenges. Lastly, Brook Trout are spectacular to look at and are among fly fisherman’s favorite fish to target because of their recreational value. That is us. We may not be spectacular to look at, but what we deliver is. And, yes, we are fun to work with too. Ready to learn more? Visit our company page or send us a note.

About BrookTrout Designs

BrookTrout Designs delivers innovative, cost-effective, and customer-centric audiovisual engineering and consulting services.
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