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Audiovisual Systems Design for Airports

The scene above is a familiar one and an ideal one. It shows what it’s like to sit in a modern airport that has a thoughtfully designed audiovisual system to manage the multiple noises large airports commonly have. But this scene doesn’t always play out so sweetly.

Have you ever been in an airport cafe waiting for your flight only to hear garbled announcements over the intercom? When it’s not audible, it induces stress. On top of that, when the airport is busy, there are so many competing sounds. Overhead announcements overlap gate announcements, then there are security announcements and multiple travelers on their phones. 

Background noise in an airport can vary greatly throughout the day, as well as on busy travel days and holiday periods. 

BrookTrout designs sound systems that automatically adapt to the flow of traffic so each attempt at communication is successfully received. 

Our expert engineers partner with you to define system requirements, estimates, timelines and budget. 

Ready to get started? Contact BrookTrout Designs today. We deliver simple, innovative, clear audiovisual solutions. 

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BrookTrout Designs delivers innovative, cost-effective, and customer-centric audiovisual engineering and consulting services.
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