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Acoustics for Healthcare Environments

Acoustics in the healthcare environment matter. The number one top complaint patients staying overnight have is noise (source). Patients, clinicians, and even visitors find alarms, alerts, beeps, and loudspeaker intercoms irritating. Agitated patients won’t heal as fast and irritated staff won’t perform their job as well either. That can have a detrimental effect on the overall effectiveness of a hospital. That is why it is so important for architects and healthcare designers to implement acoustic solutions upfront.

Top Acoustical Challenges in Healthcare Facilities

Patient Rooms

One of the top priorities for audiovisual design engineers that implement solutions in a healthcare setting is the patient’s room. Sound isolation is the goal. Preventing sound from coming in will help the overall patient experience but it doesn’t stop there. Preventing sound escaping is imperative too as it protects health information.

Waiting Rooms

Another acoustical challenge is the waiting room. Audiovisual engineers need to strike the balance between an open space that invites multiple groups while limiting reverberations so each group has some privacy.

Cleanable Materials

Healthcare environments require any exposed surface to be cleanable as it is the only way to stop the spread of germs and in-house infections such as staff.

Audiovisual Solutions

Audiovisual engineers can overcome the challenges in any healthcare setting. At BrookTrout, we design paging systems and sound masking solutions that improve patient outcomes and benefit all stakeholders. If you are interested in learning more, contact BrookTrout Designs today. We deliver simple, innovative, clear solutions.

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