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BrookTrout Designs delivers innovative, cost-effective, and customer-centric audiovisual engineering and consulting services.

About Our Company

Founded by Silicon Valley industry veterans Ben Shemuel and Gene Masserini, BrookTrout combines unrivaled skills and expertise with a people-first approach. Because technology is rapidly evolving, it can be confusing and difficult to follow the latest developments and releases. At BrookTrout, our solutions are simultaneously simple and sophisticated, so that our clients have the best technology at their disposal.

Company Founders

inline image showing Ben Shemuel co-founder of BrookTrout Designs AV

"I love audiovisual design, but only to the extent that it helps people do their day-to-day. To me, the perfect AV system is one that does exactly what it needs to do and no more. Simple technology tends to be more reliable and less costly than complex systems. In my 34 years in AV, I’ve learned that a successful system design and implementation always starts with a dialog with users in their language, not technical jargon. This not only focuses the conversation on what matters, it loosens people up so they can articulate how each AV-equipped space has to work."

- Ben Shemuel, Co-Founder of BrookTrout Designs & Director of Engineering
Inline image showing Gene Masserini, co-founder of BrookTrout Designs

"After 23 years as an engineer with GM, I am able to leverage my experience doing something I love. I design audiovisual and communication systems for corporate, government, education, utility and house of worship clients. I love people. It is fulfilling for me to use my industry knowledge, and expertise with tools and technologies to help design and implement perfectly customized audiovisual solutions for BrookTrout's clients' needs and environments."

- Gene Masserini, Co-Founder of BrookTrout Designs & Director of Business Development