Standards Creation

BrookTrout creates an audiovisual cookbook to tell architects, engineers, and contractors what AV, communications, electrical, and architectural requirements each room type requires, so all of your organization’s rooms cost and work consistently. These AV standards documents are essential for several reasons.

  • Predictable cost: When each of an organization’s AV spaces is consistent with others of its type, it’s easy for facilities planners to predict costs of new facilities. BrookTrout’s AV standards documents include the cost of each room type.
  • Predictable capabilities: Each of type of AV-equipped space can be expected to support the same number of occupants and provide the same capabilities.
  • Consistency across international deployments: Our AV standards documents can include products for domestic projects and alternate products for non-USA projects where necessary. Terminology and dimensions for international projects reflect the country/countries where the document will be delivered. We can deliver correctly translated AV standards documents.
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