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BrookTrout Designs Creates  Exceptional Experiences For Hospitality, Airports & Transit, Classrooms, Workspaces, Government, and Healthcare.

Inline image showing Viva Vision light shows at Fremont Street.

Hospitality Spaces

Our hospitality systems are individually tailored to meet your demands. Whether that means a soft sound system to deliver the perfect ambiance for a low key night at an upscale eatery, wall-to-wall televisions at a sports book, or a thumping sound system at the local live music venue.

Inline image showing a modern lounge with counter - 3d visualization, and artwork on screens

Airports and Transit Stations

Background noise in an airport or transit station can vary greatly throughout the day, as well as on busy travel days and holiday periods. We design sound systems that automatically adapt and stay understandable.

Inline image showing the inside of a classroom lecture hall


Integrated technology with remote capabilities is imperative to education. However, since remote learning technology needs to be used by everyone – teachers and students alike – it needs to be straightforward, simple, affordable, and reliable. We’ll work with you to design a collaborative remote learning experience by providing simple solutions that are easily understood by all.

Inline image showing four business people working on a laptop computer in an office conference room. There is paperwork on the table with financial figures, graphs and charts. There is also a tv in the background with a presentation containing charts and graphs


Speech has to be clear; faces need to be seen; systems have to work reliably. Fortunately, our workspace expertise makes office operations easy and manageable – whether that be remote collaboration or the temperature of the conference room – without even having to leave your desk.

Inline image showing the inside the Senate chambers of the historic Maryland Statehouse


From courtrooms to city council chambers, BrookTrout provides the latest in videoconferencing, evidence presentation, remote arraignment, and more, to ensure everyone can see and hear clearly.

Featured image showing a group of three people analysing and MRI scan.


We provide paging, sound masking, and digital signage systems for hospitals, medical centers, and clinics to advance communication, increase intelligibility, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. We support Quiet Hospital objectives using systems that adapt in real time to background sound.