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Featured image showing a rendering of a Big Sky Tram and Gondola Project
Creating Multisensory Experiences in Hotels and Casinos
Audiovisual Services for the Hospitality Industry
Feature image showing an Airport Departure Board over the check-in counters
Airport and Transit Station Sound and Media Systems
Audiovisual Services for Public Transportation
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Immersive Learning In – and Outside – of the Classroom
Audiovisual Services for Lecture Halls
Diverse Modern Office: Businessman Leads Business Meeting with Managers, Talks, uses Presentation TV with Statistics, Infographics. Digital Entrepreneurs Work on e-Commerce Project.
Your Modern Workplace Technology Partner
Audiovisual Services for Businesses
Featured image showing a group of three people analysing and MRI scan.
Improving Patient Outcomes with Audiovisual Technology
Audiovisual Services for Healthcare Facilities

People-First Audiovisual Consulting Services

BrookTrout delivers innovative, cost-effective, and customer-centric audiovisual engineering and consulting services. Our experience, integrity, and service are what we stake our reputation on and are what make BrookTrout one of the most trusted technology consulting partners.

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BrookTrout Designs offers a variety of audiovisual services for architects, integrators, engineers, facilities managers, and IT directors.

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