Needs Assessment & Budgeting

BrookTrout creates documents that clearly spell out audiovisual requirements and costs for each room type based on input we draw from your users in needs assessment sessions. What makes ours better?
  • We write clearly in non-technical English. When owners can review and understand executive summaries, programming documents - all the way from meeting notes to RFPs - they catch things while revisions can still be made inexpensively.
  • We know systems and we know users. It's critical to understand the spectrum all the way from underlying technology to day-to-day use, and we do.
  • Because we understand system technologies, our designs are constructible without construction change orders.

Standards Creation

BrookTrout creates an audiovisual cookbook to tell architects, engineers, and contractors what AV, communications, electrical, and architectural requirements each room type requires, so all of your organization's rooms cost and work consistently. These AV standards documents are essential for several reasons.
  • Predictable cost: When each of an organization's AV spaces is consistent with others of its type, it's easy for facilities planners to predict costs of new facilities. BrookTrout's AV standards documents include the cost of each room type.
  • Predictable capabilities: Each of type of AV-equipped space can be expected to support the same number of occupants and provide the same capabilities.
  • Consistency across international deployments: Our AV standards documents can include products for domestic projects and alternate products for non-USA projects where necessary. Terminology and dimensions for international projects reflect the country/countries where the document will be delivered. We can deliver correctly translated AV standards documents.

Systems Design – End User

BrookTrout creates rock solid audiovisual systems design packages to get lowest-cost bids on projects. We're CDT certified, and we use this methodology to create ultra-clear construction documents. In our experience, CDT-complaint documents result in tighter bids every time.

Systems Design – Wholesale/Contractor

BrookTrout creates AV shop drawings to drive systems installation. We've done this, we know it isn't easy.
  • We review equipment and high-level design choices. We help our clients implement forward-looking, cost-effective, supportable systems that provide industry standard service lives.
  • BrookTrout finds gaps, and where appropriate, we help our integrator clients pursue appropriate change orders.
  • We find and resolve areas where AV designs aren't coordinated with architecture or other systems.

RFP Creation

BrookTrout creates complete RFPs, ready to send to bidders.


We commission completed projects--whether we designed them or not--to ensure they work 100% for your users. BrookTrout offers commissioning in a variety of formats to match project requirements:
  • Simple go/no-go evaluations,
  • Medium-complexity acceptance testing,
  • Zero-defects Commissioning™,
  • Full CX-driven design-through-signoff formal commissioning.

Peer Review

BrookTrout carefully reviews design packages to ensure systems work when installed and into the future. A few dollars of review can save a pile of rework.
  • We review designs for owners and inexpensively prevent expensive rework and disruptive delays. Gaps, coordination issues, and other issues are a lot cheaper to resolve before construction than after.
  • Education and healthcare projects are subject to special legal requirements. We know those rules, and we'll make sure your project meets them.
  • We discretely review documents when firms need reassurance of their own staff members' capabilities.
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