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BrookTrout Designs delivers innovative, cost-effective, and customer-centric audiovisual engineering and consulting services.

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Needs Assessment and Budgeting

Anything is possible with a solid foundation of information and a clear understanding of objectives. We’ll partner with you to define system requirements, estimates, timelines, and budget. We take a clear, non-jargon approach to creating executive summaries, SOWs, programming documents and RFPs.

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Standards Creation

We partner with architects, engineers, and contractors to create an audiovisual “cookbook” with communication, electrical and architectural standards to ensure rooms cost and work consistently. Outfitting rooms with AV from a set of standards, developed from your organization's requirements, provides predictable costs, as well as reliable and consistent results.

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Systems Design

Whether you’re an end-user or integrator we’ll work with your team to deliver rock-solid independent designs with detailed floor plans, drawings, equipment lists, and estimated project costs. We’re Construction Documents Technology (CDT) certified and use this methodology to create ultra-clear construction documents.

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RFP Creation

BrookTrout provides RFP consulting, bid preparation, and third-party review consultations. Want to ensure your RFP is complete, up to date, and will result in the best possible cost efficiency? We'll work with you to understand your requirements and turn them into an RFP that will produce the results you require.

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We test, troubleshoot, and verify new or completed projects – whether we designed them or not – to ensure your AV systems perform and operate as designed.

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Peer Review

Our experts will carefully review design packages to ensure systems work when installed and long into the future. Our review will also focus on cost-effectiveness and serviceability to make sure you get long-term results at a great value. Education, healthcare, and government institutions are subject to special legal requirements and our team is well-versed. Peer reviews prevent expensive rework and disruptive delays.